Starting at the Beginning

We’ve all probably wondered what dating online is like. This site can help you get on the right path.  And if you have dipped your toe in the water already, are you wondering if you are looking in the right places and doing (or saying) the right things – because almost certainly you will have already had some less than impressive interactions with people. 

Dating Online Info can help figure out Online Dating

That’s all quite normal and to be expected. Online dating is a strange world. At one level, you shouldn’t take it too seriously – certainly in the initial stages of searching for someone or when first chatting with them. On the other hand, it really does matter because you are probably planning to transition this cyber-contact into some form of real-life relationship. That boundary can be quite hard to cross for all sorts of emotional and practical reasons.  

How we get into online dating varies enormously from person to person. You might be highly motivated to find someone, very self confident, and certain people will flock to want to get to know you. Good for you. Most of us are not like that, nor are the people you are likely to meet online (but we’ll offer some suggestions on this site on how you might handle anybody you meet who does fits that description).  Just about everyone you get in contact with will be at least as apprehensive about the whole thing as yourself – whether they show it or not.

Most people have someone they know suggest / encourage / push them into trying online dating. It could be a close friend, just someone you know, your brother or sister, one of your children (more common than you might think), a councillor, a life coach, or whoever.  Most people need a little push to overcome the initial doubts and to actually go do something!    

What I hope you’ll find when you read more on this site is that, yes, there are things to watch out for and some does and don’ts with dating online. However, the overall experience is usually positive. It is also socially acceptable. Repeat: online dating is socially acceptable! When you’ve been going out (in person) with someone for a little while and are asked “how did you meet?” it is 100% OK to say “online”. That really is how most people meet these days. It is far better, safer, and more accessible than hanging around in a bar or waiting for a friend of a friend to push you together with someone whose only thing in common is that you are both single.

In fact, you’ll be surprised how much online dating can put you in control of things to an extent that you might not have experienced before.

If you are totally new to this, at least give it a few months. It will take a little while to find your feet initially (there are new skills to learn!), and not everyone that you might be interested in is going to be online right now: new people join dating sites every week.

So, please spend some time browsing around our website. I think you’ll discover a few things which could be useful and – if we achieve what we are trying to with this thing – you might find it easier to establish that very special relationship which we all seek.